7 million hits and transfer billing

A week ago we had 7 million daily hits on one of our websites and today we have it another time, another small, yet important milestone for us =)
I'm happy we aren't growing exponentially though, even linear growth with limited resources wasn't that easy to handle in terms of performance and (unsurprisingly) staffing.
The biggest headache this far though was media storage, which currently has several terabytes of images stored on our hardware with over a hundred TiB served per month (yes we aren't THAT big yet), and that we're looking forward to move somewhere like Windows Azure, but the estimated transfer bills are, well, shocking: ten times more expensive than we pay now. I wonder if transfer prices will drop soon. While storage is really getting cheaper (hard disks are getting cheaper, well they were until that flood), there is no visible driving force that could cause transfer rates go down.

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